About Me

Susan Gemini

Susan Gemini Susan Gemini is an Angel Intuitive Certified by Doreen Virtue, PHD as an Angel Therapy Practitioner ® in Spiritual Counseling and Healing Techniques. Susan’s private practice includes Angel Healings, Angel Therapy, Angel Readings, Messages from the other side, Crystal/Stone/Gem Therapy, Chakra and body clearing, Reiki, and Life Coaching, Teleclasses, and Intuitive Workshops. “ I am working full time as a Light Worker, Spiritual Teacher, and Messenger for Creator, Angels, Mother Earth, and Healing Energies. I love my job in helping people open up to their Higher Selves. Every one is a Divine Being, all Perfect, and sometimes we just need to be pointed or helped onto our ‘Path of Divineness.’ I live in Hawaii, and have a beautiful daughter who is about to be off on her own Path of Life. Living in Hawaii raising my daughter Chanel has been very healing, it is very easy to stay very connected to Mother Earth here. I Hope one day to have our Paths meet in Life, and I wish you Angel Love and Angel Blessings, and HEALING LIGHT !”


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My Blessed Life in Pictures

Chanel and Susan

My Beautiful Daughter Chanel and Me


My Beautiful Mother Gloria

Diamond Head Oahu Hawaii

View from Diamond Head

Crystal Friend

Me and My Crystal Friend

Susan Gemini in Nature

Being with Nature Angels

Chanel and Anna

My Daughter Chanel and My Best Friend Anna

Butterfly Fairy

My Fairy I Raised

Hawaiian Sunset

Sunset in Hawaii

Beach on Oahu

Beach Time


My Doggie Friend Harlina


My Doggie Friend Sam

Santa Fe New Mexico

Santa Fe, New Mexico

Susan and Elizabeth

Elizabeth Green and Me During Mediumship

Angel Workshop

My First Angel Workshop (2006)

Angel Workshop

Angel Workshop