Healer Certifications

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Angel Intuitive Practitioner Certification SeriesYou will be certified to give Angel healings, readings, chakra healings, and Angel medicine…$900   Learn more Register 
Reiki Certifications Levels 1 – Reiki MasterReiki is a universal life force. Reiki practitioners are able to channel the energy from their crown to their heart and out through their hands…Learn more Register  
High Heart Medicine Practitioner CertificationYou will learn how to do High Heart Medicine Healing and how to work directly with Creator to heal anything from, Disease…$700Learn more Register
1 Advance Healing & Light Worker Certification Susan will teach you very advanced Healing Methods…Learn more Register
Animal-Communication Communicate With Animals Certification $700Learn more Register
Lightbody-Healingcertification Learn Light Body Activation Practitioner Certification $900Learn More Register
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Soulhealing-Certificatiom Soul Healing Practitioner Certification  Learn to Heal Trauma and all Wounds $900Learn More Register
AdvanceHealerWorkshop “The New Way ”   CertificationFor All Healers and Intuitive Readers $700Learn More Register
Space-healing-certification Space Clearings Certification $700Learn More  Register
Animal-Healing Animal Healing Certification $700Learn More  Register
 ascension-certification Ascension Practitioner CertificationLearn to Ascend your Clients $900Learn More Register