Angel Medicine Healing Workshop

You must complete classes 1 & 2 to participate. You may also click here to register for all six workshops in this series.

You will learn:

  • How to do Angel surgery on self and others.
  • You will receive an Angel Healing
  • Practical application of “light plus love equals healing.”
  • Angel medicine to both the physical (light) and spiritual/emotional (love) aspects of ourselves, or whomever we’re intending to heal
  • How to Manifest everything you want, whether it is more money, better Health, a better Job, a house of your own or just to be Happy.
  • How to Create a New Reality as opposed to your current reality.
  • How to focus on the things you really want.
  • How to feel rejuvenated and refreshed.
  • Gain perspective on what you need to do to change your situation for good.
  • Bring balance, harmony, health, and wealth.
  • Methods that also bring healing to one’s material life, and can heal finances and even so-called inanimate objects.
  • How to intuitively hear your Angels.
  • How to give a reading.


Price: $110.00

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