Angel in Hawaii® Clearing Bath Salt

These clearing salts will clear the negative energy in you and detox your body of harsh energies, clear your etheric body and chakras. They are invoked with the energy of the specific Romance Angels, Archangels, Masters, Gods, and Goddess, Moon energized, and are all Reiki Attuned. They are made with pure botanical essential oils and blessed sea salt.

How to use on self:
Put 1-2 TBSP of salt into your bath, or rub handful onto your body in the shower to clear toxic old energy. Call in the specific Romance Therapy, Angel, Archangel, Master, God, or Goddess to set new energy. Healers should wash their hands with salt to clear energy after each client.

How to use in home:
Sprinkle or place in a bowl a pinch of salt in the corners of your home. Be sure to discard in the trash outside your home after a few days.

All salts are hand made in Hawaii
1lb bag

  • Angel of Twin Flame Salt

    Angel of Twin Flame Salt

    Angel of Twin flame helps you find your twin flame and feel a strong sense that you will be together for all eternity. This is a very sacred sense of intimacy and feeling of divinely inspired wholeness that one finds within a twin soul relationship.


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    Angel of True Love Salt

    Angel of True Love Salt

    Angel of Intimacy helps you being able to let your guard down, and Intimacy is also about being able to accept and share your feelings. To be able to share your ‘inner-world’ with the world and who you love.


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  • Angel of Sensuality Salt

    Angel of Sensuality Salt

    Angel of Sensuality helps you become aroused by things of beauty, to be aware of  the world, life and love with all the senses. Being sensual in life through our senses, and feeling