Angel in Hawaii® Clearing Bath Salt

These clearing salts will clear the negative energy in you and detox your body of harsh energies, clear your etheric body and chakras. They are invoked with the energy of the specific Romance Angels, Archangels, Masters, Gods, and Goddess, Moon energized, and are all Reiki Attuned. They are made with pure botanical essential oils and blessed sea salt.

How to use on self:
Put 1-2 TBSP of salt into your bath, or rub handful onto your body in the shower to clear toxic old energy. Call in the specific Romance Therapy, Angel, Archangel, Master, God, or Goddess to set new energy. Healers should wash their hands with salt to clear energy after each client.

How to use in home:
Sprinkle or place in a bowl a pinch of salt in the corners of your home. Be sure to discard in the trash outside your home after a few days.

All salts are hand made in Hawaii
1lb bag


Archangel Clearing Bath Salt

  • Fairies Clearing and Bath Salt

    Fairies Clearing and Bath Salt

    Use fairies for manifesting love, and money. Helps to protect children, animals, and the environment. Also use for working with elementals to increasing playfulness and joy.
    Proprietary blend of pure essential oils, pink grapefruit, lemon, lime, litsea, mandarin, sweet orange, pure sea salt.


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