Advance Spiritual Healing

Susan will teach you very advanced Healing Methods. You will know if you are really ready or not to commit to being an Advance Healer and if you are supposed to attend or not. Also each Level takes you Deeper into the Path of a Light Worker here on earth.

Energy_healing2*Must have completed  Reiki 3 Certification & Angel Intuitive to attend

Advance Angelic Cosmic

Healings Certification

First part of Learning to work at

Light Worker Level 1


   ** Call for Prerequisites **




you will learn:

  • Clearing out Lower Energies
  • Protection
  • Light Activation
  • Opening of all Clairs

Ascensionyou will learn:

  • Connection to Highest Dimensional energies
  • Gods Light Protection
  • Universal Protection
  • Advance ground protection

Light Workersyou will Learn:

  • Light Worker Techniques
  • Be of God
  • Transmute
  • Heal All
  • Alchemist  


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Light Worker Level 1 Certification

Universal Co-Creator Healings


Each Level takes you Deeper into the Path of a Extreme Light Worker Healer for others here on earth.

 *Must have completed  Advance Angelic Cosmic Healing Level Certification to attend


 you will learn:

  • #1 Advanced Workshop
  • Master Level – Clearing out of Entities
  • Power Healing and Clearing Techniques –  Working with Highest Energies
  • #2 Advanced Workshop
  • Light Worker Healings with Creator
  • Command Light Worker Healing
  • Connection to Highest Dimensional energies Cosmic Light Worker
  • Channeling Advance Healing Channeling
  • #3 Light Worker
  • Light Worker Healing and Readings


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Spiritual Healing

All classes & workshops held:Honolulu, HI.


See also, Advanced Level Light Worker 2 Workshop.